Driving Lessons in Edinburgh

Driving Lessons Edinburgh offers competitively priced lessons in many areas of Edinburgh, from very experienced and encouraging fully-qualified ADI driving instructors. Please click here to see the areas we cover in more detail.

Our instructors are very familiar with all aspects of the DVSA theory and practical driving tests, and keep up to date with the many and frequent changes to the official tests. In addition, our instructors have excellent knowledge of the local driving conditions across Edinburgh, and can advise on specific issues for the two key Edinburgh Test Centres – at Musselburgh and Currie.

We have written a number of informative guides with the aim of providing some practical assistance to learner drivers in the Edinburgh area.

These articles are obviously not a substitute for learning to drive with a fully-qualified instructor – they are designed to help pupils become more confident about reinforcing specific driving skills between lessons, as well as to become more familiar with the varied road conditions found throughout Edinburgh.

As such, these guides are focused on the areas of the City of Edinburgh that many of our pupils will be likely to encounter.

In addition to great quality, affordable driving lessons, we also provide the option to purchase a gift voucher for lessons for friends or family, intensive and semi-intensive courses, as well as ADI instructor training.

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There are two Test Centres in Edinburgh for your practical driving test – Currie and Musselburgh:

Currie Test Centre
13-15 Bryce Road
City of Edinburgh
EH14 5LT

Musselburgh Test Centre
Newhailes Industrial Estate
Newhailes Road
City of Edinburgh
EH21 6SJ

Most of our pupils will sit the practical driving examination at Currie Test Centre, because of its proximity to the catchment area we serve.

Pupils driving on the roads in and around Edinburgh will doubtless encounter a wide range of driving conditions, with a wide range of speed limits. Speed limits will reflect the road conditions, whether it’s a Twenty’s Plenty zone near houses or a slip road on to the Bypass, so it is essential that you are aware of the relevant limits for your current road.

Schools are worth mentioning specifically, because they often have restrictions on both speed – sometimes with a flashing light to signal a mandatory 20mph limit at certain times of day – and with restrictions on parking near any entrances to school property.

Another important thing to watch out for are speed cameras and red light cameras, which are situated at various locations throughout Edinburgh. These can sometimes catch out learner drivers, particularly when dealing with difficult or busy driving conditions – so again it is important to be aware of this.

Like any major city, Edinburgh has a significant number of tricky junctions, roundabouts and other road features that can challenge even experienced drivers, not to mention learners, so we have prepared some short guides to help you become more familiar with your local driving conditions.

We will be publishing more articles shortly, so please check back soon.

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The friendly and experienced instructors at Driving Lessons Edinburgh pride themselves on providing the very highest quality driving lessons at competitive prices. All our instructors are fully-qualified ADIs, with many years of experience between them. We specialise in nervous pupils and pupils who were not successful in learning with other instructors or schools. Gift vouchers are available to purchase  – the perfect gift for the learner driver in your life!

So if you are trying to find a friendly and reliable driving school to help you pass your driving test in Edinburgh, call now on 07496 296 130 – we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or to go ahead and book your first lesson!