Driving Lessons in North Edinburgh

Learn to Drive in Stockbridge and Inverleith

Driving Lessons Edinburgh offers the highest level of professional driving instruction in North Edinburgh, using only fully-qualified ADIs with years of experience. Each of our instructors in our driving school has been chosen for both their technical driving skills and teaching ability, and we cater for pupils of all ages and stages.

We offer a pick-up and drop-off service for all learners in Stockbridge, Inverleith and surrounding areas – including the nearby suburbs of Bonnington, Warriston and Goldenacre. We can collect you from home, work or study.

To schedule your first lesson please call now on 07496 296 130, or if you prefer you can send an email through the contact form at the foot of the page.

There is no substitute for the experience of having high quality one-to-one lessons with a professional instructor, but our team has put together the following guide to help prepare you for the challenges you will face learning to drive in and around Stockbridge and Inverleith.

Test Centres Near North Edinburgh

The closest practical driving test centre for pupils learning to drive in the North of Edinburgh will be Currie Test Centre – located just outside the Bypass to the South West of the city. The nearest alternatives are in Livingston and Musselburgh, so most pupils will sit their practical exam at Currie.

Speed Restrictions in North Edinburgh

The speed restrictions in this area are similar to other parts of Edinburgh, with a mixture of 20mph zones in the smaller residential streets and 30mph designations on the larger artery roads connecting to and from the centre of town.

There are a few exceptions that you should watch out for, however. Ferry Road is a 30mph road running West-East through the city from Queensferry to Leith, separating Stockbridge and Inverleith from Trinity – though there is a part-time 20mph section at the intersection with Craighall Road, near Holy Cross Primary School and Lethem Park.

There is another part-time 20mph zone further North along Craighall Road, beside Trinity Academy – again, this is something you should be aware of when driving along this route while school children may be arriving or leaving school. And a further part-time 20mph zone outside Wardie Primary School on Granton Road.

Broughton High School on East Fettes Avenue is another local school you may encounter as you practise between lessons, but the road is already full-time 20mph zone.

Instructor Advice for Learners in Stockbridge and Inverleith

Many of the streets in and around Stockbridge are quite narrow and congested, and are often full of parked cars – both of which can limit your visibility.

Another issue is the famous Georgian cobbled streets, which are aesthetically pleasing but can be slippery when wet or frosty – so take care. And because of the proximity to the city centre, high-density of housing and limited space for parking this is not a great area for practising your parking manoeuvres either.

For these and a few other reasons, Stockbridge is not an ideal location for practising your techniques between lessons – your instructor will usually take you to a quieter location slightly further out of town for your first few lessons.

Ferry Road is another area that you may wish to avoid at first – it tends to attract high volumes of traffic, and has a busy five-way roundabout at Crewe Toll to the west. Your driver will let you know when your driving skills are of the right level for you to practise on Ferry Road – once you have mastered the basics of good car control then it will be a useful exercise in anticipation and planning, as well as the correct use of speed.

If you are looking for somewhere to practise your bay parking between lessons, there is a Tesco Superstore on Broughton Rd which has some limited space for parking – you can try this outwith peak hours. However if you would prefer a larger car park, there is a large Morrison’s superstore on 102 Pilton Dr (off Ferry Road), and a large Sainsbury’s car park on Craigleith Rd, both of which have many more spaces available.

You may also benefit from looking at some of our introductory pages for nearby parts of Edinburgh, including our guide to learning to drive in Craigleith, our guide for learners in Blackhall and Davidson’s Mains, or our advice about driving in Murrayfield.

Booking Lessons in Stockbridge

To get started now please call us on 07496 296 130 – we will arrange your first lesson with one of the friendly and expert ADI driving instructors covering this part of North Edinburgh.

Our lessons are competitively priced and operate on a pick-up and drop-off basis, so you just tell your instructor where and when you would like to be met. Deals are available on bulk sets of lessons (10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours or more), and gift vouchers are available.