Driving Lessons in North West Edinburgh

Learn to Drive in Blackhall and Davidson’s Mains

Driving Lessons Edinburgh provides friendly and knowledgeable driving lessons to pupils of all ages and levels of ability throughout the entire North West of Edinburgh, including Blackhall, Davidson’s Mains, Barnton, Clermiston, Cramond and Silverknowes.

Our driving instructors are all fully-qualified and very experienced, and we pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of driving tuition available at very affordable rates. Driving Lessons Edinburgh offers a discount for block bookings – for more information or to arrange your first lesson behind the wheel please contact us now on 07496 296 130.

If you are a learner driver and are based in Blackhall or surrounding areas, then you may be interested in learning more about local driving conditions. All of the instructors in our driving school are very familiar with this part of Edinburgh, and can give you personalised advice and suggestions about where to practise manoeuvres between lessons, or particular spots to watch out for.

We have also put together the following brief introduction to driving in North West Edinburgh, to help pupils familiarise themselves with some of the road and traffic characteristics of the area. A guide like this is no substitute for one-to-one tuition with a qualified instructor, but it should hopefully help you when starting out.

Nearest Driving Test Centre

For pupils learning to drive in North West Edinburgh, the closest Driving Test Centre for your practical exam will be in Currie. The Currie Test Centre is located in the South West of Edinburgh, just outwith the Bypass, near Heriott Watt University.

Speed Limits in North West Edinburgh

There are a variety of different types of road in this part of Edinburgh – with speed limits ranging from 20mph to 40mph, so you will need to keep your wits about you when driving here.

Many residential streets are now restricted to 20mph in a city-wide effort to improve road safety – these zones should be clearly marked with road signs attached to posts and painted on the road itself.

However the key arterial routes in and out of the City Centre are unaffected by this and remain at 30mph – except for a few which have a higher limit of 40mph in places. For example, the A90 (Queensferry Road) is signed as a 30mph road for much of its route from the centre of town to Blackhall, but as you get further out this changes to a 40mph, and changes upwards again as you progress towards the Forth Road Bridge.

There is also a Red Light safety camera on Queensferry Road at Drum Brae North, just east of Barnton Junction.

Where to Practise Between Driving Lessons in North West Edinburgh

Your driving instructor will be able to offer you tailored advice about the best place to practise specific skills between lessons if required – taking into account your location and skill level. But you may find the following tips from our instructors helpful.

There are many residential pockets in this part of Edinburgh that are suitable for practising manoeuvres between lessons – outwith peak hours some of the quieter streets in residential areas like Blackhall, Davidson’s Mains and Silverknowes are particularly good for getting experience with basic car controls, reversing, emergency stops, and other exercises where you don’t want to have to contend with too many other road users.

One particular recommendation from our instructors is Marine Drive, in Davidson’s Mains – this location is really very good for absolute beginners to start driving for the first time, because of the absence of other road users.

Certain roads in this area are quite busy – for instance Queensferry Road was recently named as one of the most congested roads in the whole of Edinburgh – and so are less suitable for pupils who are just starting off learning to drive. As you gain in skill and confidence, a busier thoroughfare like Queensferry Road is however an ideal place to practise anticipation and planning, correct use of speed, as well as safe or defensive driving skills.

Some junctions in this area are also quite complex – for instance when turning right from Queensferry Road into Davidson’s Mains you should be aware of ‘split phase’ traffic signals, where one set of lights may show green for people going in one direction while a second set of lights are still showing red for people going in another direction.

There are a number of schools in North West Edinburgh that you should take particular care if passing – for instance Cramond Primary School and Davidson’s Mains Primary School, as well as The Royal High School located on East Barnton Avenue. There may be part-time speed limit signs on adjacent roads during school opening and closing times, as well as restrictions on parking near the entrance to these schools.

There are a number of small supermarkets nearby that would be suitable for practising bay parking outwith peak hours – for instance the Tesco Metro located on Cramond Road South in Davidson’s Mains.

It should be worthwhile for you to look through some of the other area guides on this website, in particular nearby districts, such as our guide to driving conditions in Corstorphine, or our advice about learning to drive in Murrayfield.

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Driving Lessons Edinburgh has a rich and successful history dating back to 2003, and part of this success is because we tailor every lesson to suit you – so that you have the best possible chance of passing first time.

So if you are based in Blackhall or Davidson’s Mains (or an adjacent area such as Barnton, Cramond or Silverknowes), and you are looking for cheap driving lessons from a fully-qualified ‘grade A’ ADI driving instructor who knows your area inside out, then look no further.

We offer block bookings, and provide a door-to-door collection and drop-off service as standard. We cater to learner drivers of all ages and stages – including refresher courses if you have some previous experience, and intensive courses if you need to pass fast. You can pay online through our secure payment facility – contact us now on 07496 296 130 if you have any questions at all, or if you would like to go ahead and book your first lesson.