Driving Lessons in Murrayfield

Learning to Drive in Murrayfield, Roseburn and Ravelston

Driving Lessons Edinburgh are an experienced and affordable driving school based in Belford Road, so we know Murrayfield, Ravelston and Roseburn like the back of our hands.

Our professional and qualified driving instructors offer friendly, helpful tuition to pupils of all ages and levels of driving ability – from absolute beginners to people who just need to polish up their skills before taking the test. We offer a pick-up and drop-off service to learners in Murrayfield and surrounding areas – just let us know where and when you would like your instructor to meet you at work, at home, or at your school, college or university.

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Test Centres Near Murrayfield

If you are taking lessons in Murrayfield or surrounding parts of Edinburgh like Roseburn, Coates, Balgreen and Ravelston, then your closest test centre will be Currie Test Centre down in the South West of the City. Currie Test Centre is located on Bryce Road, between Juniper Green and Balerno.

Speed Limits Around Murrayfield

This area has a mixture of roads with different speed limits – as with other parts of Edinburgh many of the local residential streets are designated as 20mph zones, while the larger roads are often designated 30mph. For example, Corstorphine Road / Roseburn Terrace / West Coates is a 30mph road, until you hit 20mph zones at St John’s Road in the west and Haymarket Terrace in the east.

One notable exception is the West Approach Road, just south east of BT Murrayfield Stadium – this road is designated a 40mph road and experiences a large volume of fast-moving traffic heading to and from the City Centre of Edinburgh, so we would recommend that beginners plan to avoid this route.

Instructors Top Tips for Driving in Murrayfield

Murrayfield Stadium regularly attracts huge crowds for international rugby league fixtures, as well as music concerts by the likes of Robbie Williams. These events bring a significant volume of foot traffic as well as vehicle traffic, so if you live nearby it would be wise to plan your journeys to avoid Murrayfield at these times. The same applies to a lesser extent with football matches at Tynecastle Stadium in nearby Gorgie.

The tram route connecting the airport and the centre of Edinburgh runs through Roseburn and Balgreen, which has helped to reduced traffic volumes a little – but negotiating your way around the trams brings it own hazards, particularly at nearby Haymarket where the tram tracks are laid on the road itself. Your instructor will give you tips and advice on how to handle driving in the vicinity of Edinburgh’s trams.

There are a number of schools in the area, and you should take care when driving past school entrances when children may be entering or leaving school. There may be parking restrictions in effect outside school gates, marked with a zigzag pattern, aimed at increasing visibility. There are several schools nearby, including Roseburn Primary School on Roseburn Street, The Mary Erskine School on Ravelston Dykes Road, and Blackhall Primary School on Craigcrook Road – so take care.

Pupils often wish to put in extra practice on parking manoeuvres in between driving lessons, and there are a few locations that lend themselves to this quite well. Probably the best spot to practise parking, particularly reversing into or out of a bay parking space, is the nearby Craigleith Retail Park, located on South Groathill Ave. You may wish to avoid peak periods as the centre can become quite busy.

You may wish to also look at our guides for nearby areas such as our guide for learning to drive in Haymarket, our guides for Craigleith and Blackhall, and especially our guide for learning to drive in Sighthill and Wester Hailes, in part because this may be an area you travel through in order to reach your test centre.

Safety Cameras Nearby

Murrayfield and surrounding areas are home to a number of safety cameras, both Red Light Cameras designed to enforce stop signals, and Fixed Speed Cameras designed to enforce the maximum speed limit.

The two Red Light Cameras in the area are located on either side of a single junction on Corstorphine Road – one is west of Ellersly Road, and the other is east of Saughtonhall Drive.

The two Speed Cameras nearby are both on 30mph roads, and are located on:

Corstorphine Road east of Balgreen Road
West Coates opposite Wester Coates Road

It is obviously essential that you obey the correct speed limit at all times, but you should take greater care at hotspots where safety cameras have been installed, because they may be areas where other road users are tempted to drive faster or run red lights.

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