Driving Lessons in Edinburgh West End and Dean

Learn to Drive in Comely Bank, Craigleith and Dean Village

At Driving Lessons Edinburgh we offer great value driving lessons from our team of fully-qualified ADI driving instructors. The instructor that covers this part of Edinburgh has been a fully qualified driving instructor since 2003, and is vastly experienced with a patient and enthusiastic teaching style.

This online guide has been created to highlight some of the varied roads and driving conditions you may encounter when learning to drive around the West End of Edinburgh. Just remember – there’s nothing that compares to the experience of one-to-one lessons with a professional instructor.

Call us now to book your first driving lesson in Edinburgh’s West End on 07496 296 130 – or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. We are very happy to answer any questions you may have – about your theory test or practical test, intensive driving instruction, gift vouchers or changes to the driving test syllabus.

Driving Test Centres Near West End and Dean

If you are taking driving lessons in the West End of Edinburgh, your closest test centre will be Currie Driving Test Centre.

Currie Test Centre is located on Bryce Road in Currie, just South West of the ring road. This test centre covers quite a wide range of areas to the west of Edinburgh, and will be more convenient than the alternative test centre in Musselburgh.

Practising Between Lessons in Comely Bank and Craigleith

Roads around the West End of Edinburgh can be quite narrow with lots of parked cars, so when learning you will need to drive at a speed that will match the road conditions. For complete beginners, the first lesson will usually be carried out in an area that is more suitable for pupils with very little or no driving experience. For example, Marine drive at Silverknowes will allow you to practise in an area that feels quite open and is free from lots of parked cars. Once you become more experienced then the West End of Edinburgh will become a good area to practise driving around in, because its built up areas will encourage you to develop good anticipation and forward planning skills.

Local Tips from Driving Lessons Edinburgh Instructors

As is common with lots of areas in Edinburgh, a lot of the more residential streets have a mandatory 20mph speed limit. Learners should look out for these signs as well as the repeater speed limit signs usually attached to lamp-posts. The cobbled streets can also be quite slippery so learners should allow plenty of time for breaking especially in wet conditions.

Another factor is that Dean Village lies very close to Haymarket, so you may encounter the recently introduced trams sooner rather than later – particularly at Princes Street and Shandwick Place. Your instructor might offer you specific tips for dealing with trams, but it is generally recommended that you give them plenty of space (particularly at stops where pedestrians may suddenly appear on the road), remember they can’t swerve (so avoid parking on tram tracks), and – of course – avoid driving down roads or lanes marked for trams only.

There are a number of streets which attract a high level of road traffic and pedestrian usage because of schools or hospitals, for example the area around the Western General Hospital, Fettes College and Broughton High School, and around Stewart’s Melville College.

If you are looking for a place to practice manoeuvres such as bay parking, then you might like to try Craigleith Retail Park, off South Groathill Avenue (EH4 2LN). The retail park is open 363 days each year and boasts around 500 free car parking spaces – though you may wish to avoid peak hours until you have more experience.

You may also wish to have a look at some of our other local area reports, including our advice for learners in nearby Corstorphine, possibly Murrayfield and Haymarket, as well as our introduction to Blackhall and Davidson’s Mains.

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