Driving Lessons in Morningside

Learn to Drive in Morningside, Bruntsfield and Merchiston

Driving Lessons Edinburgh offers excellent value driving lessons with fully-qualified ADI driving instructors throughout South West Edinburgh. We cater to all levels of driver, from true beginners who have never sat behind the wheel to students who may have previously taken one or more lessons with another driving school in the past.

We also offer a pick-up and drop-off service for pupils learning to drive in Morningside, Bruntsfield, Merchiston and neighbouring districts – whether you wish to be met by your instructor at home, work, secondary school, college or university.

To book your first lesson please call us now on 07496 296 130 or alternatively you can get in touch through the email form at the foot of the page. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have – about your test, about scheduling or payment, or about our other services such as intensive courses.

Test Centre Nearest to Morningside and Merchiston

The nearest test centre for pupils taking their lessons in Morningside and surrounding areas will be Currie Test Centre. Located further out in South West Edinburgh, you can reach Currie by following Colinton Road away from the City Centre, towards (and a little beyond) the City of Edinburgh Bypass.

The next closest Test Centre for pupils sitting a practical test for cars is in Musselburgh, over in East Lothian, so it is assumed that all pupils in South West Edinburgh will sit their exam in Currie.

Speed Limits in South West Edinburgh

Like elsewhere in Edinburgh many of the residential streets in Morningside, Merchiston and Bruntsfield will be set as 20mph roads, so be sure to keep an eye on your speed here.

Exceptions to this are the larger roads, Polwarth Terrace and Colinton Road, which have stretches marked as 30mph.

When driving on Colinton Road you should take care to travel at the appropriate speed, especially with the part time 20mph zone near George Watson’s College.

There is also a Dual Speed and Red Light Safety Camera on Colinton Road west of Gray’s Loan, near The Edinburgh Clinic.

As well as watching your speed around this part of Merchiston, it is important you watch out for pedestrians as well – since you are near George Watson’s College and the Steiner School, as well as one of Edinburgh Napier University’s three main campuses.

Just north of Merchiston there is a stretch of 40mph road, the West Approach Road, and to the north of Bruntsfield there is Tollcross, a very busy and complex junction. Again, you may wish to avoid these roads until you have mastered your basic driving skills and are more confident.

Other Local Tips from our Instructors

South West Edinburgh boasts a great number of quiet residential pockets that are suitable for practising basic manoeuvres (outwith peak hours).

Once you have gained a little more experience, Colinton Road and Morningside Road will be good streets to work on your anticipation and planning – these larger roads will have more traffic and pedestrians entering the road, parking outside shops, and so on.

If you would like to practice bay parking in between your lessons, there is a reasonably sized car park at the Asda Chesser Supercentre, near the Edinburgh Corn Exchange and Slateford Train Station. Alternatively there is a another small car park at Waitrose at 145 Morningside Road.

It may be beneficial for you to familiarise yourself with some of the other guides on this website, particularly those offering advice for nearby areas such as our guides to Haymarket and Roseburn and Dalry, or areas that are on the route to the test centre such as our guide to Sighthill and Wester Hailes.

Booking Driving Lessons near Morningside

Driving Lessons Edinburgh offer the highest standard of driving tuition in the capital – book in your first lesson today and put us to the test. We cover Morningside, Burghmuirhead, Merchiston, Bruntsfield, Greenhill, and nearby areas like Marchmont

We can provide a flexible Intensive or Semi-Intensive Driving Course if you need to pass your test in a hurry.

For more information about our services, or to book your first lesson please call us now on 07496 296 130, or just fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.